On line preprint/reprint server.

 I've been following the discussion regarding a Chemistry Online
 preprint/reprint service.
 This already exists in the physics community and has been extremely
 successful and basically self reviewed.
 The URL is http://xxx.lanl.gov/
 Sure, there is a lot of bolognia and you have to filter some of this out.
 But, it's a great way to
 get the really latest and greatest results and opinions.  It's heavily
 theoretical (eq. quant-ph ) but there is certainly a healthy portion of
 experimental papers.  Moreover, some of the best physics discussions I've
 seen have been posted on this server.
 Moreover, Phys. Rev. will consider postings to the LANL server as
 submissions if the author chooses to do inform PR of the posting.
 In fact, I have found that in some cases I have gotten *better* reviews
 (i.e. more critical) of preprints I've posted to LANL...often better and
 more critical than journal reviewers. (plus it's either in the open forum or
 by email.  In either case, you know who your critics are.)
 Also, I've never seen "Archimedes Plutonium" or Mills (of Blacklight
 Power.com) post any thing on the server. I'd love to see Mills post his
 "hydrino" theory on the server.
 My $0.02
 Prof. Eric R. Bittner
 Department of Chemistry
 Univ. of Houston