ArgusLab 2.0: beta2 released

 ArgusLab 2.0 beta2 is available for download.
 Changes from beta1 include:
 1.  different install program: fixed a lot of complaints.
 2.  800x600 pixel support for those who did not have the higher screen
 3.  minor bug fixes.
 4.  more fragments added to fragment library.
 ArgusLab is a molecular modeling program for Microsoft Windows operating
 Overview of 2.0 features:
 1. Interactive 3D Molecule Builder with:
         Interactive 3D manipulator
         Fragment Library
         Beautify Geometry
         Automatically Add/Hide/Delete Hydrogens
         Cut & Paste
         Supports Multiple-Level Undo/Redo.
         Multiple Rendering Styles for Atoms and Bonds
         Geometry Monitors
 2. Calculation Types
         Single-Point Energies
         Optimize Geometries
         Electronic Excitation Spectra
         Self Consistent Reaction Field (SCRF) Solvent Model for
             Electronic Spectra
 3. Molecular Mechanics
         Universal Force Field (UFF) for the entire periodic table
 4. Quantum Mechanics
         Extended Huckel for entire periodic table
         MNDO, AM1, and PM3 semi-empirical Hamiltonians
         INDO1/s semi-empirical Hamiltonian
         Restricted and Unrestricted Hartree-Fock SCF
 5. File Types: supports XYZ, PDB, and ArgusLab XML file formats.
 6. HTML Help
 7. No size limitations for molecules or calculations other than =
    available system resources
 8. Multi-threaded architecture allows multiple molecules opened =
    simultaneously and running calculations
 9. Runs on Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000