Re: CCL:visualizing vibrations

 Molden reads Gaussian files an animates vibrations without any 3rd party
 tools, see
 The Windows version of the program needs X-server to be installed first,
 but it is a minor inconvenience
 >             From:  "Richard P. Muller" <rpm \\at//>
 >             Date:  Tue, 28 Nov 2000 10:22:01 -0800
 >             Subject:  Re: CCL:visualizing vibrations
 > Has anyone mentioned Moldens yet? It does a nice job of visualizing
 > normal modes. I've written a little python script to convert Jaguar
 > normal modes to the Molden format, which is available at:
 > Maybe someone can modify it to convert Gaussian modes. I'd be glad to
 > help, but it's been years since I've used Gaussian.
 > elewars wrote:
 > >
 > > P. Vitorge asked for a free or cheap program to visualize Gaussian
 > > vibrations.
 > >
 > > A free program for PCs is MolWin.  Look in the CCL archives, as I gave
 > > info' on this program a couple years ago.
 > >
 > > Another program (besides GaussView and HyperChem) is MolVib, made by
 > > Serena Software, the company best known, perhaps, for PC Model; but I
 > > don't know how much this costs.
 > >
 > > E. Lewars
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