new book

 A number of CCL members have asked about the book I have been writing.  It is
 now in print and available from Wiley.  Here is the publisher's description.
 Applying Computational Techniques to Real-World Problems
 David Young, Cytoclonal Pharmaceutics, Dallas
 0-471-33368-9		Pub Date: 2/16/01		416 pages		$69.95
 As the field of computational chemistry continues to expand, experimental
 chemists are expected to know how to utilize techniques that are becoming
 available at the desktop level through commercial software packages. This book
 provides a much-needed basic guide to computational chemistry software and tools
 available today.  A practical, easily accessible reference for chemists, this
 text focuses on accurately applying computational chemistry techniques to
 everyday chemistry problems.  Techniques for handling problem cases, such as SCF
 convergence problems, are also discussed.
 To order, please call (800) 225-5945 or visit
 It is also available through Barnes & Noble (, which has the table of
 contents listed on the web.
 Dave Young
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