Re: CCL:experiment of H-bond strength in solution

Dear Richard,
 I would not like to start a non-sense discussion here, but if you look at the
 end of the message you quote you will see the following paragraph:
 > Here, I am wondering if any of you could provide me
 > more related reference. Also, any discussion on the
 > method to simulate this accurately would be highly
 > appreciated.
 I guess you did not see that part. Sorry about my message. I did not pretend to
 upset you and I don't think starting an argument about understanding of e-mails
 will be good for any of us.
 Apart from that, I would say that it is interesting from time to time to bring
 some scientific discussion to the CCL, apart from keywords problems in Gaussian
 and computer power of machines. That is why I liked the question from Mike
 Smit. Sorry if I was too long in my arguments, but sometimes I wonder if the
 CCL should change the name for CGL ("computer guru list").
 And, please, nobody feel bad about what I say, it is just the feeling I get
 sometimes I open the CCL e-mails. I still consider the list a valuable source
 of information, but sometimes people should be more careful.
 Best regards to all of you and sorry for the complain,
 Richard Wood wrote:
 > Jordi Villa wrote:
 > > because at the end of the original message the author asked about how
 > > to simulate them. Please, read the messages before implying anything.
 > I wasn't the one doing the implying.
 > The following is from the ORIGINAL post.
 > =========================================
 > Dear all,
 > Since it's well-known that the H-bond strength will be
 > highly weaken in solution, compared with that in gap
 > phase, I am curious if there is any experimental
 > evidence or hint available.
 > =========================================
 > Notice the words "theoretical" or "calculated" are not
 > to be seen.
 > Richard
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