From the maintainer of CCL

Dear CCL Subscriber,
 This is your list maintainer speaking {:-)}... Do not touch this d(ial)...
 I will try to be short...
 This will consist of: help-mes, my plans, thank yous, and appeal
 to your benevolent instincts (i.e., help guys and galls, again...).
 I want to thank all of you who either bought CCL Archives CD sets from us,
 or who gave us donations. Your help is very needed and VERY APPRECIATED.
 All the CCL members owe you for that, since this keeps CCL running.
 If you did not do it yet, please help CCL financially:
 You can either get invoiced and buy set of 4 CDs representing CCL Archives,
 or just give us a donation which can be deducted from taxes in the US, and
 probably other countries too. For details check:
 Again I want to thank all of you who helped me up to date. No donation is
 too small, and if each of you gave me $25 I would have all my needs covered.
 But since the current number of supporters is less than a hundred, please
 try also to make up for those who cannot or may not contribute.
 We will soon have vacation time. For some of us it is the busiest time
 to do research, since the lines to equipment are shorter, many students
 are gone fishing, and the teaching load is low... For some of us
 it is time we do travel, take a rest, go to conferences, etc.
 I will take some time off during summer, early June to mid July
 (guess where I go: to Poland... and hopefully to some other countries
 around). While usually I want to be close to a phone jack and have a
 laptop at hand, this time may be different. I plan to spend some time
 out there in the middle of nowhere (namely on the ridges of Beskid
 mountains). At the same time, I want the CCL to continue operating...
 The only way CCL can continue operation is that I get help.
 Thanks to the OSC management and their help and encouragement, and
 the help of CCL subscribers through their donations and purchases,
 I have some hourly/undergraduate students working with me in maintaining
 CCL and doing the daily chores. This is tremendous help since
 I am getting busier and busier every month (or maybe I just get less
 efficient {:-)}) and without the help of students, it would be very
 hard for me to keep CCL going. Unfortunately, the student turnaround
 is quite fast, and once they learn "the stuff" about Web and sysadm,
 they get better jobs outside OSU campus.
 I would like to have a more stable environment for CCL and more experienced
 students to operate the resource. It would be nice to have it now,
 before I take off abroad. One way of achieving it is to get Graduate
 Student Assistants (GRA) who are more dependable, more experienced,
 and if you pay their tuition, they have a reason to stay with you.
 Vacations is also good time to get the students since it is decision
 time for them. CCL has a lot of needs: update archives, find new material,
 install and improve operating software for the list and Web site,
 upgrade hardware and organization, upgrade firewall and security, etc...
 Please consider helping me financially. Now you can use research grant
 money to do this. Review the page:
 If you are a graduate student, please encourage your Ph.D. advisor to
 buy the CCL Archives CD Set. Just do it, please...
 If you cannot help financially, please consider contributing good messages
 to CCL discussions, and give us some software or write-ups to put in
 CCL archives. Please help me in keeping this resource useful, current,
 and interactive. Note that we also want to expand our service to the
 community with more specialized discussions lists:
 We are operating within the academic environment and we are very careful
 to have a broad support base and non-allied status. In is not about money
 for us, and if we cannot do it this way, we will not do it. Please help!!!
 Thank you for you attention and contributions throughout all these years.
 Can you imagine that the CCL is more than 10 years old? We were here
 before the Web and hype... So please help us to be here now and long
 after the scum and hype dissipates.
 Jan Labanowski
 jkl[ AT ]
 Jan K. Labanowski            |    phone: 614-292-9279,  FAX: 614-292-7168
 Ohio Supercomputer Center    |    Internet: jkl[ AT ]
 1224 Kinnear Rd,             |
 Columbus, OH 43212-1163      |