MOPAC2000 and LinMOPAC1.0 on 1 CD from FUJITSU

New Molecular Orbital Software Package for Linux from FUJITSU
 is available!
 MOPAC2000 and LinMOPAC1.0 on 1 CD.
 LinMOPAC 1.0 provides a simple graphical user interface (GUI) to the
 semiempirical computational chemistry program MOPAC2000 version 1.33.
 3D molecular visualization and a simple MOPAC setup dialog make running
 experiments easy even for inexperienced MOPAC users:
 * LinMOPAC reads and displays molecular structures from standard
    MOPAC ".dat" files.
 * It provides visual controls for running a MOPAC job.
 * LinMOPAC displays the final molecular geometry and molecular orbitals
    as well as the text MOPAC output file.
 * Visual rendering modes allow for wire-frame, ball-and-stick, cylinders,
    space-filling molecular structure representations.
 * Input files can be edited in text mode.
 * No knowledge of MOPAC keywords is required to run LinMOPAC.
 * The orbitals can be displayed using different surface representation
    in both opaque and transparent models.
 New version of MOPAC2000 (MOPAC2000 1.33)
 * Bugs fixed
 * Improved configuration Interaction module
 * Dynamic memory allocation
 * Increased speed and accuracy
 We would like to invite you to evaluate the new product. Please send your
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