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 Subject: RE: CAS Registry Numbers
 I don't know about the first 2 fields, but the last field is an
 "error-detecting" digit which is determined from the first two fields.
 336607-92-2 is a valid number, then 336607-92-3 will not be a valid number,
 and neither will 336607-93-2, etc.  I don't know whether it detects
 transposition errors like 336607-29-2.
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 Subject: CCL:CAS Registry Numbers
 Can someone explain the structure of a CAS registry number and how it is
 generated?  According to the CAS web site, 336607-92-2 is the most recent
 CAS Registry Number as of this morning.  I know there is no chemical meaning
 or significance to the numbers, but what is each of the three fields and how
 are the numbers assigned?
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