Re: CCL:small linux/c++ question.

You can use sprintf.
 On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, Krzysztof Radacki wrote:
 > Dear CCL'ers
 > I have a little bit out of topic question.
 > Currently I'm translating my program from Borland C++
 > to gcc and I can't find a function itoa in gcc (it
 > converts integer to string).
 > I would be quite happy if someone could explaine me how
 > to do it in gcc.
 > MfG
 > Krzysztof
 > p.s.
 > because it's realy out-of-topic maybe better if answer
 > would be addressed directly to my e-mail not to ccl.
 Guanglei Cui
 Dept. of Chemistry
 SUNY at Stony Brook
 Stony Brook, NY 11790