Re: CCL:Sourceforge, Chemistry, XML and CML

CCL readers may also be interested in the OpenScience Project, which
 lists 89 efforts in chemistry.  The next most populated category is
 mathematics with 56.  Life sciences has 35.  For more information see
 "Rzepa, Henry" wrote:
 > This is sort of a general purpose post with several observations and some
 > information to post
 > 1.  Many of you know about (but if you don't, you
 > should).  It supports around  37,000 OpenSource projects.
 > 2. It was a small surprise to me to find relatively few references on the
 > CCS pages to it (about  30, going back two years).
 > 3. Given this, it was perhaps no surprise to find they have no subject
 > such as  "chemistry" or  "molecular science" at
 > Bio-informatics certainly has!
 > Remember, we are the community that started this with the QCPE archive
 > in the early 1960s!  Whatever happened?
 > 4. Well, it will hardly come as a surprise to see me posting:
 > Its still early days , but this site will contain much to do with
 > XML,  such as  XML libraries, including  XSD (schemas),
 > XSLT (filters and transformations)
 > and various Java-based tools, mostly relating to  CML (Chemical markup
 > Its software, "but not as you may know it".
 > If  you wish to learn, ask FAQs, or make contributions, do please consider
 > joining the mailing list linked to  the site.
 > 5. An of course we join a select community of other  chemistry projects
 > homed there.  A short list of these exists on our site, but no doubt it
 > will grow (and apologies to anyone who is not there yet, let me know and
 > you will be!)
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