Re: CCL:compiling Mopac 7.01-4

On Wed, 24 Apr 2002, Rajarshi Guha wrote:
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 > Hi,
 >   I'm trying to compile Mopac 7.01-4 on Linux (kernel 2.4.7-10) with g77
 > tried both 2.96 and 3.0 and I get the same results:
 > matou1.f: In subroutine `matou1':
 > matou1.f:5:
 >                            ^
 > Invalid declaration of or reference to symbol `max' at (^) [initially seen
 > (^)]
 > And a series of other errors. I'm sure somebody must have compiled it on
 > but I cant seem to find anything relevant to the problem in the archives. I
 > also looked at the makefile and there does'nt seem to be any reference to
 > but all the docs say that I need f2c. I'm a little confused and ny pointers
 > would be appreciated.
 For f2c, Fortran front-end is often a cover script named 'fort77'; look
 for that in the Makefile.
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