CCL Summary: Solutions on how to execute InsightII from a PC desktop

 Hi,dear CCLers,
I have received many helpful suggestions. I have tried several means.They are praticable. Here is my original questions:
 Dear sir,
I want to execute the InsightII software installed in SGI O2 working station from a PC machine.I use Exceed software to login to the SGI O2 machine. This is smoothly. However, when I tried to run the InsightII software, something happened. The system response as follows: Xlib: extension “GLX” missing on display “" (which is the IP address of my PC ) Couldn’t get initial visual in app-init-display
It seems that I must install some files about OpenGL with Xlib in order to display the interface of InsightII. I have tried this by logging to another SGI Indigo 2 machine, there is nothing wrong.Where could I download and install the necessary files so that I can do that?
Can you kindly provide me some solutions about how to execute the InsightII software from a PC desktop.Besides, The InsightII software is multiple user supported.
 Thanks in advance!
 Song Yunlong, Ph.D
 songyunlong "-at-"
1. From the PC desktop, by Exceed software, log into the remote SCI O2 machine(host), then open a new x-window. Executing InsightII by the following commands: InsightII -axxess In fact,it use x-graphics, not the openGL graphic. So it didn't meet some special requirements,such as surface rendering as solid. The graphics are not nice, but you can still perform most of the insightII functions.
2. Use Exceed and Exceed3D(the latter surports openGL). As been pointed, Exceed is
 the only one officially acknowledged by Accelrys as working in OpenGL mode.
3. Use Reflectin X. I have not tried this way. According to Dr. David Maxwell,
 Reflection X works fine and at a significantly cheaper price. From this site, you can obtain a free 60 days evaluation copy of the Reflection X.
4. Dr. Roberto actually use X-win32 from StarNet ( to login into an SGI Octane (to use Cerius2 suite) from my win2000 pc.He has some problems during on-screen selections but it works quite well.
Thanks very much to all those who have reponsed me! Also, I wish it could be helpful for those who are interested in this problem!
 Song Yunlong, Ph.D
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