GAMESS - Parallel

CCL friends
 I have a non usual problem, and need some advice on it.
 I running a parallel compilation of GAMESS in a SP2 machine. The
 program itself works fine.
 But there is  a really short wall clock limit. What I'm trying to do is,
 start the calculation and let it go as far as possible. When the
 calculation stops due to the wall clock, I copy the $VEC group and the
 last geometry to a new ( or last ) .inp file and start again from there.
 The problem is that GAMESS read the geometry and the $VEC ( is a UHF
 calculation ) and optimize again the energy, but this takes
 almost ALL the time I have on the run, what means that I will not
 have any new geometry.
 The INPUT.DOC file says that the restart options are not trustfull.
 My question is, how can I restart my calculation, with the last geometry
 and wavefunction I get, without having to optimize the wavefunction
 Please, any ideas and examples of restart files will be appreciated.
 Thank you
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