Re: Mopac with Cygwin

The latest version of MOPAC 2002 runs under Linux and Windows. It is not free but it is fully supported by Fujitsu. For technical information see
 David Gallagher, Fujitsu
 At 10:49 AM 5/1/2002 -0700, David Case wrote:
 On Mon, Apr 29, 2002, Stephen Bowlus wrote:
 > I am trying to run Mopac 6 on a P3/Win2K machine under Cygwin.  Set up for
 > 20 heavy/30 light atoms and without ESP, the program compiles with g77 with
 > only 2 small complaints.  Test runs invoked by redirection (mopac <
 input >
> output) end with a segmentation fault. The stackdump gives an error about a
 > status access violation.
 In my experience, such problems are not limited to Cygwin: I have had
 similar experience with a number of mopac's (versions 5,6,and 7) on Linux,
 IRIX, and other Unix systems.
 The only free (as in beer) version I have seen that seems to work reliably
 with "modern" Unix and Unix-like systems is from the Minnesota group:
 However, this version is provided under a license agreement that doesn't
 permit redistribution.
 Let me emphasize that I am *not* a mopac expert, and I have not spent time
 trying to debug any of the codes I have tried.  I would be delighted to hear
 > from the CCL community of pointers to other mopac's that work well under
 Linux/cygwin, particularly those that could be freely redistributed.
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