Accelrys Macromolecular Modeling Workshops in Munich, Germany

Accelrys Inc. will be holding a pair of 2-day workshops at our office in
 Munich, Germany, in July 2002.
 On July 2-3, the workshop "Introduction to Life Science Modeling with
 InsightII" will be offered.  This course provides an overview of molecular
 modeling techniques for life sciences applications in the InsightII
 graphical user environment.  Prior modeling experience is not assumed
 making this course a great place to start molecular modeling.
 On July 4-5, the "Homology-Based Protein Design" training will be
  This workshop is relevant to any of our customers who are interested in
 predicting protein structure and who would like to make more effective use
 of modeling in their work.  During the two-day workshop, the process of
 producing a three-dimensional model from an amino acid sequence will be
 covered step-by-step.  Both manual and automatic methodologies will be
 discussed.  Prerequisites for this course are the "Introduction to Life
 Science Modeling with InsightII" workshop or extensive experience with
 Fees for each 2-day course are Euro 1108 commercial, Euro 831 government,
 and Euro 609 academic.
 Registration is on-line at URL
 Further detailed
 information about this and other Accelrys training workshops can be found
 at the Accelrys website
 Please do not
 hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.
 Thank you very much.
 Jeffrey L. Nauss
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 Global Bioinformatics and Macromolecular Modeling Training
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