CCL: MacCHESS Workshop and Poster Competition!

--- CHESS/MacCHESS 2002 Meeting and Poster Competition ---
         High-Throughput Crystallography
             Complementary Methods
 This year's MacCHESS Workshop will focus on experimental
 and computational methods complementary to high-throughput
 crystallography. The one-day workshop is being held back-
 to-back with the annual CHESS user meeting at Cornell
 and features:
   Thomas Earnest (ALS)
        Automation of Biological Structure
        Determination at the Advanced Light Source
   Zbigniew Dauter (BNL) SAD Phasing
   Martine Cadene (Rockefeller University)
        Key Uses of Mass Spectrometry for Protein
   J. Gunter Grossmann (CLRC Daresbury)
         Solution X-ray Scattering of Biological
         Macromolecules; Is it More than Just
         Looking Behind the Beamstop?
   Art Weaver (AJW Research)
         Linux-based Supercomputing at MacCHESS
 POSTER COMPETITION: Posters submissions are invited
 for the annual CHESS/MacCHESS User Meeting and
 Workshops June 18-19, 2002. For more program information
 please check Dedicated
 poster viewing time has been set aside in the schedule on both days.
 Posters will be judged by members of the CHESS/MacCHESS
 executive committee and 3 awards will be
 announced at the end of the meeting on Wednesday
 afternoon June 19:
     o best science
     o best instrumentation
     o best graphic design
 Poster space of 4' x 6' will be available for all
 participants who RSVP. Abstracts and RSVP should
 be sent to lab49 &$at$& as soon as possible.