Accelrys Materials Studio Workshop in Cambridge, UK

Accelrys will be holding two Materials Studio Training Workshops in their
 Cambridge office in July.
 An Introduction to Materials Studio on July 23rd
 This course provides an introduction to the functionality in Materials
 Visualizer, the core module in the Materials Studio suite of software.
 Participants learn how to use the powerful sketching and building tools
 allowing them to build a range of structures from simple molecules to
 crystal interfaces. They also learn how to manipulate the visualization
 tools including the advanced isosurfaces tools.
 Further details can be found at
 An Introduction to Polymer Modelling with Materials Studio on July 24th
 and 25th
 This course provides an introduction to the polymer modelling
 functionality available in Materials Studio. This will cover the basics of
 building polymers through to calculating properties of polymers such as
 diffusion and miscibility. Modules covered are Discover, Amorphous Cell,
 DPD and Equilibria.
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