Your coordinator, Jan Labanowski, needs your help...

Dear CCL Subscribers,
 You may be aware that, as with other states, Ohio has been hit with
 a budget shortfall.  Given this, I need your support more than ever.
 I am asking for your help in maintaining the Computational Chemistry List
 When you look at our Supporters Page (,
 you will notice that it has started to shrink (the script does not show
 entries that are older than a year).
 CCL is essentially a virus and spam-free e-mail discussion service with
 an associated web site containing archives, extensive document and software
 holding and search capability.  In order to operate, CCL needs hardware,
 backups, upgrades, and security, which is a constant struggle with changing
 technologies.  I employ students to help me run it, since I would not be
 able to do it all by myself.  While they learn a lot of new things, they
 also need their wages.
 To make it easier for you to support CCL we offer two options:
 Option 1:  Services
 We will provide you with a quotation and invoice -- just like a normal
 mail-order purchase (we even can accept credit cards). You would:
    a) buy a set of CDs with CCL archives for $250; or
    b) place your job advertisement on our job site:
       (you pay $100 when a candidate is found).
 Option 2:  Donations
 In your jurisdiction, gifts towards CCL may be tax deductible. You will
 get a donation letter from the Ohio State University Department of
 Development that can be used for tax purposes. We will accept any
 donation amount, but donations over $1,000 allow you to sponsor a CCL
 Web page of your choice and have your logo displayed there.
 In short, if you want to help, please look at the links from our front page:
 or don't hesitate to contact me at jkl { *at * } I would love {:-)} to
 with you about helping CCL. Really...
 Ask yourself, how much is CCL worth for you?  For example, did you hire
 someone thanks to a CCL job ad?  I am getting a lot of praise for this
 service, because it is considered as very focused and often more successful
 than expensive ads in scientific journals and professional employment services.
 TRY IT, it costs NOTHING.  But if you are happy with it, please help support
 Or how many times has a question to CCL saved you many hours of digging
 through research literature or past experimentations? If you are a graduate
 student or a postdoctoral researcher, please tell your boss about CCL and how
 important it is to you.  Ask them to help.  They should understand, given the
 economic climate these days. If many of you help, even with smaller amounts,
 we will be OK here...
 CCL is a real cost to Ohio Supercomputer Center.  CCL is facing a certain
 reduction in capabilities and possible demise if we do not receive funding
 > from outside sources. You might think that you could live without CCL,
 but would you really be better off without it?
 I have a list of faithful supporters, who always respond to these appeals.
 I really hate to rely on the same people and institutions over and over again.
 There are about 3000 people using CCL and it must be worth something if you
 all use it.  But last time I asked for help a few months month ago, I received
 a single check for $20.00 and a few e-mails: "Jan, I am not doing so great
 financially lately, but if you really need, I will try to help again...".
 I understand that you are all busy... But please help this time...
 Do not wait for other guys to help and put it off when you can do it at higher
 amount and comfortably... Help me now, with what you can  -- it will be money
 well spent, and you will feel better knowing that we at CCL really appreciate
 you and that you are a part of it all.
 Jan K. Labanowski            |    phone: 614-292-9279,  FAX: 614-292-7168
 Ohio Supercomputer Center    |    Internet: jkl { *at * }
 1224 Kinnear Rd,             |
 Columbus, OH 43212-1163      |