Compiling G98 A11 on Linux

Dear Sir/Lady,
 We've got a copy of Gaussian 98 A11 and we tried to compile it on our
 Linux box. We used the Atlas library provided in the CD-ROM and PGI F77
 to compile G98A11. After it's compiled, I tried to run test jobs but
 failed. G98 always gives the error message--g98: error while loading
 shared libraries: g98: undefined symbol: flush_. Can you help me to
 solve this problem? My computer is a P4 Xeon dual processor Linux box.
 BTW, there is only 256KB cache in our P4 chips. How can we change the
 default value, 512KB, into 256KB in the Atlas library? I also tried the
 libraries, which are optimized for P4, downloaded on the web
 Thank you very much.
 I am looking forward to receiving your reply as soon as possible.
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 Department of Chemistry    Tel:   1-979-845-7222
 Texas A&M University
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