guess=cards in G98W

I am trying to read SCF vectors in G98W to do some properties analysis.  I
 have 281 MOs to read.  G98W does just fine until it gets to number 229 when
 it just fails with a popup that says:
  "Severe Error Message # 2070"
 "The processing of the last link ended abnormally.
 All processing has been aborted."
 I do notice that when I open the file, G98W does not load all the lines of
 the input file into the "Existing File Job Edit" screen.  Indeed, it
 loads up to part of vector 230 in the Molecule Specification field and the
 text area in the Molecule Specification field is grayed out and is not
 I can find no information about this error message (or how to fix it) in the
 G98W documentation.  Does anyone know how to fix this problem or is G98W
 limited with respect to the number of vectors can be read (or the number of
 characters allowed in the Molecule Specification field is limited)?
 Any help is appreciated.
 Edited (for brevity) input file can be found below.
 # RHF/LanL2MB 6D guess(only,cards,nosymm)
 test read vectors
 RU                 3.0188000000         4.2740000000         4.4842000000
 H                  2.7252000000         2.9358000000         3.4880000000
 RU                 2.4127000000         1.4474000000         4.7860000000
 RU                 1.8666000000         4.0731000000         7.1800000000
 C                  1.1607000000         3.8043000000         5.1929000000
 C                  0.7056000000         2.6426000000         5.8480000000
 H                 -0.2477000000         2.5314000000         5.8798000000
 ...  many more atoms
 H                  0.3276000000         7.1401000000         6.5129000000
 H                  1.8425000000         7.5252000000         6.6282000000
  1  1 3.71689355E-03 5.54340362E-03-2.61747088E-05-4.06952110E-05
  1  2-1.71202103E-03-2.45538324E-03
 ... many more vectors
 29 54-2.27644023E-03 1.64337289E-02-2.34432536E-02
 29 55-2.86839519E-02-3.42897982E-02 4.69872260E-02-2.07960459E-02
 29 56-7.92854398E-02 2.49396272E-01 3.18211813E-01-4.59048732E-01
 29 57 9.79215915E-02
 30  1 1.30355576E-03-8.14503723E-03 2.69564660E-04-7.45512414E-04
 30  2 1.48362124E-02-5.99025118E-02
 30  3 3.74119193E-03 2.42501275E-03-1.30562264E-02 9.48387741E-04
 ... many more vectors