Dear Compouter Experts,
 I am trying to run a big job (1260 basis functions) on a dual 933MHz PC.
 The operating system is RedHat 7.2, and there is 1 GB of memory. I have
 not specified memory in the default route since test jobs showed that the
 performance decreased considerably even if much less memory was requested
 than the machine has.
 Now the number of processors is reduced to 1 by G98 due of lack of memory.
 Checking with the top command, G98 is supposed to use only 5.8% of the
 memory. Gtop (memory usage resident) shows that there are three main
 users of memory: l502 (59756k), httpd (54312k), and nautilus (54780k). Sum
 of resident sizes is 260752k. In contrast the command "free" gives:
 Mem total: 1027928, used: 1022784, free 5144, shared 47864, buffers 100320
 cached 771980
 I do not understand where the memory is. Is there a way to tune the
 system better? Would it be better to not use a graphical interface? Or am
 I doing everything wrong? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
 Ulrike Salzner
 Dr. Ulrike Salzner
 Associate Professor
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 Bilkent University		Fax.: (312) 266-5097
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