Registration warning - EuroQSAR 2002

                    Registration for EuroQSAR 2002
 All delegates who have registered for EuroQSAR 2002 should have
 Acknowledgementby e mail that their registration has been
     accepted and is being processed
 A   package of information including details of hotels, the social
     programme and instructions for payment of registration and other
     fees; this should have arrived within one week of the conference
     organisers receiving your registration.
 If you think that you have registered, but have not received one or other
 of these responses, you should contact Nicki Cordery at Sirius
 Analytical Instruments by e mail AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Nicki?s
 telephone number is (0)1342 820727 and her e mail address is:
 { HYPERLINK mailto:Nicki.cordery "-at-" }Nicki.cordery "-at-"
 You are also advised to copy your e mail to me at:
 { HYPERLINK "-at-" } "-at-"
 Failure to respond to this message at once could mean that you fail to
 qualify for a discounted rate (the deadline is Friday June 15th).
 Look forward to seeing you by the seaside later this summer,
 Best wishes,
 Martyn Ford
 Symposium Chairman