structure-base drug design successes

Dear CCLers,
        Structure-based drug design,or rational drug design, has been a promising techniques in the discovery and development of new drugs.
Of course, there have been a lot of successful examples, such as drugs on HIV protease, thymidine synthase.Some of them have successfully
been used in the clinic.
        However, as great advancements have taken place in this field,  such as FlexX, Gold, GRID and etc, there should be more and more
successful examples in the structure-based drug design field.  In my view, though these quite new softwares have been generally used, there
are few examples to demonstrate their potential in the real drug design process. I am very interested in this topic. If you have (or know) some
 successful examples or experiences in this field, could you kindly enough to share this information with me? The method or softwares used in
the studies, such as FlexX, GOLD,  DOCK4, GRID, Ludi are wellcome.
        I will make a detailed summary.
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