memory problem

 To those who have experience on Linda,
      As I ran a medium-size job in single processor with requested
 memory=13mw, it could successfully ran even if 2 or 3 other jobs were
 running meanwhile. To do multi-processor calculation, I increased
 Nproclinda=3 ( we have four nodes, each with 2CPU)  and kept the same memory
 request or less (8mw), initially the job really went to other nodes, however
 after a while it crashed regardless of jobs running or idle in other nodes.
 The error message read like this,
 Linda panic on node No more memory for Tuple Space
 9sbrk() failure)
 forrtl: error (76): IOT trap signal
 Fatal: ran out of heap space
 ntsnet: master process exited with return value 1
 Thanks for your help.
 Yixuan Wang
 Department of Chemical  Engineering
 University of  South Carolina
 Columbia, SC 29208