Re: CCL:the gawk

On 25 Jun 2001 at 16:01, Haitao Ji wrote:
 > Hi, everyone
 > When I run the AutoDock3.0. I meet a problem as listed in the following:
 > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 > % mol2topdbq tes1.mol2
 > gawk - Command not found
 > % pdbsplitchains test.pdb
 > /disk2/jht/program/autodock/share/pdbsplitchains[2]: gawk:  not found
 > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 > What should I do?
 gawk is the GNU version of Awk, the pattern matching
 utility/language. Should be free for download from GNU sites.
 Nick Rhodes (Programme Development Officer, MSc Chemoinformatics),
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