Re: CCL:Problem with Autodock 3.0: ATOM_MAPS variable

Just few days back on Wed, 17 Jul 2002 Robert Flight has compiled summary of this question .Please visit follwing link:
 I feel it will solve your problem.
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 Subject: CCL:Problem with Autodock 3.0: ATOM_MAPS variable
 Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 11:56:49 -0400
 Hello, this is my first posting.
 I am having a problem when I run a calculation using acetyl-CoA, because
 there are 7 atom types used, and the default for Autodock 3.0 is 6. This
 causes autodock3 to crash, and I get the following (the path has been
 /autodock3/bin/autodock3: ERROR: ERROR: 7 atom types declared in "A",
 "CANOPSH"; maximum allowed is 6.
 Change "ATOM_MAPS" in "autocomm.h"
 /autodock3/bin/autodock3: Aborting...
 /autodock3/bin/autodock3: Unsuccessful Completion.
 When I do change either ATOM_MAPS or MAX_MAPS (or both) in autocomm.h, the
 compile fails. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
 I am running Redhat LINUX 7.3 on a dual AMD MP workstation.
 Chu Choi, Ph.D.
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