Gaussian 2GB limit with ReiserFS

Hallo CCL
 we are having a problem with the 2GB limit on linux when doing g98 calculations
 (especially frequency calculations). Actually our used filesystem (ReiserFS) is
 supposed to allow files larger than 2GB, but calculations still keep crashing if
 the RWF-
 Files exceeds the 2GB margin.
 According to Gaussian the 2GB limit should no longer exist from Rev. A.7. We are
 using Rev. A.7 and a self compiled A.9, but on both versions the calculations
 crashing with the error:
 Erroneous write during file extend. write 159743 instead of 4096
 On the other hand it is possible to create normal files larger 2GB, I have
 tested this
 with a small program.
 My questions are:
 1.) Could the limitation come from (sub-)shell limitation since g98 is working
 (as far as I
 know) in korn-shell while we are using bash? If so how can I exceed the limit?
 2.) Is it possible that the limit has not been corrected in A.7?  Futhermore
 could it be
 caused by the fact, that our selfmade A.9 was build either with too old
 libraries or
 because it was build on a machine still having the 2GB limit? Somehow the
 was then transferred into our binaries.
 If possible I need a permanently working solution, since I am the only one who
 how to maintain our systems.
 Thanks in advance
 Dominik Auer