Problems with Linda in gaussian 98

 Dear CCL
 I have ran into a problem with g98. I am trying to use linda on a linux
 cluster, but I received an error after I submitted the job.
 I would appreciate any help.
 The submitted job:
 #! /bin/csh
 #PBS -l nodes=4
 set node_list = '"'`cat $PBS_NODEFILE`'"'
 setenv GAUSS_LFLAGS "-nodelist $node_list"
 setenv g98root /usr/local/lib
 source $g98root/g98/bsd/g98.login
 setenv GAUSS_EXEDIR $g98root/g98
 setenv GAUSS_SCRDIR /scratch
 setenv PATH ${PATH}":/usr/local/lib/g98/linda/intel-linux2.4/bin"
 /usr/local/lib/g98/bsd/g98l < /home/tetz/3mintpm3.inp >
 I have used %nproclinda=4 instead of normal %nproc=4 in my .inp - file
 The error I received from my submitted job:
 setenv GAUSS_EXEDIR /usr/local/lib/g98/linda-exe:/usr/local/lib/g98
 /usr/local/lib/g98/linda-exe/l302.exel: error while loading shared
 libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or
 ntsnet: too many workers exited to continue
 ntsnet: needed: 3, started: 3, died: 1
 first of all exists in that library, so I believe could be
 an error loading the proper path but that is just a guess.
 the gaussian job crashes after l301, but that is no surprise.
 I hope someone can enlighten my unexperienced linda way
 With regards
 Per Tetzschner
 University of Southern Denmark
 5230 Odense M