02.09.15 Software Development for Process and Materials Design

Invitation to a Symposium in Moscow...
 This is hopefully THE LAST reminder about the Symposium: SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT
 FOR PROCESS AND MATERIALS DESIGN, Moscow, September 15-16, 2002
 Sorry if you got it before... Check the following URL for more info:
 The symposium is a satellite event of the larger conference:
 Nano and Giga Challenges in Microelectronics (NGCM) Sept. 10-13, 2002.
 Our Symposium was originally planned for Cracow as a part of E-MRS Fall
 meetings. The E-MRS Cracow event was cancelled in late June by E-MRS.
 Rather than abandon our participants, we moved the Meeting to Moscow
 and attached it to the other conference which we are coorganizing (we offer
 substantial discount if you sign up for the two conferences).
 We are quite happy that the risk we undertook to move the symposium
 was a good bet. We have a great 2-day program (over 40 submitted abstracts),
 and we are forced to run 3 sessions per day. We still can squeeze a few oral
 presentations, and of course take more posters. If you want to contribute,
 we would have to see your abstract submitted within a day or two, since
 we are firming up the program. Please hurry if you want to be a part
 of this exciting event. The topics of interest are listed on the
 home page of the meeting, but in short: we give priority to methodology
 development and software development for process and materials design.
 Excellent application papers are also considered. We plan to publish
 the proceedings of this meeting.
 We were lucky to get support and sponsors on a short notice, and we are
 able to waive registration fees and subsidize local accommodations for our
 speakers. Please check our site, for latest information and details.
 YOUNG RESEARCHERS (it is still in works, though), so register and fill the
 financial aid form. Note that we also have some small, optional component
 in Cracow (details on the Web).
 Please register today, if you want to come. There is a reason for rushing
 you to do it now!!!. Getting Russian Visa is easy but it TAKES MUCH TIME
 (up to a month). If you want to come, you have to start the process NOW!!!.
 Thank you for your time...
 Yours as always...
 Jan K. Labanowski
 Ohio Supercomputer Center
 1224 Kinnear Rd
 Columbus, OH 43221-1163
 For the Organizing Committe:
 Jim Greer, National Microelectronics Research Centre, Cork, Ireland
 Anatoli A. Korkin, Motorola, Mesa, AZ, USA
 Stanislaw A. Kucharski, University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland
 Boris V. Potapkin, Russian Research Ctr "Kurchatov Institute", Moscow,
 Jerzy M Rudzinski, FQS Poland Sp. z o.o., Cracow, Poland
 Jan K. Labanowski            |    phone: 614-292-9279,  FAX: 614-292-7168
 Ohio Supercomputer Center    |    E-mail: jkl-: at :-ccl.net
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