CCL: Qmol and PrestoPlot

 There are new versions of both Qmol (a molecular viewer for windows) and
 PrestoPlot (a graphing/plotting program for windows)
 available for download from the Shalloway Lab at Cornell University:
 Here are the improvements:
 (1) Import multiple structures in a pdb file as a
 molecular trajectory (for animation)
 (2) Read multiple structures/trajectories. Each structure can be
 rendered and adjusted independently.
 (3) Calculate the RMSD between two structures.
 (4) Align two molecules by rigid-body translation and rotation.
 (5) Measurement, hydrogen bond determination and RMSD calculation can
 all be performed in "real" time (i.e. move a molecule and watch
 values change).
 (6) Numerous bug fixes!
 (1) Import and export audio data in the WAVE format.
 (2) Numerous bug fixes.
 While I am no longer at Cornell, I will support these programs
 in my spare time. Bug reports and questions may be sent to
 jdg9 -x- at -x-
 Jason Gans, PhD