GAMESS compilation

 Sorry for this question but something is bothering me for some time.
 I have a RedHat 7.3 with GCC version 2.96 20000731 (Red Hat Linux 7.3
 2.96-112). And even following, step by step, the GAMESS compilation manual
 ( readme.unix ), I can't  compile the program.
 I receiving a message like this
 ======================== blas ==============================
 Tue Nov 19 14:14:17 BRST 2002
 g77 -c -O2 -malign-double -fautomatic -Wno-globals -fno-globals blas.f
 g77: blas.f: No such file or directory
 g77: No input files
 unset echo
 mv: cannot stat `blas.o': No such file or directory
 For almost all steps.
 I tried compile it, after generating the actvte.x with several commands,
 and none of then worked ( they generate the actvte.x executable but it
 didn't seem to work). I tried
 g77 -o actvte.x actvte.f,
 f77 -o actvte.x actvte.f,
 gcc -o actvte.x actvte.f,
 and the one indicated for linux
 f2c actvte.f
 gcc -o actvte.x actvte.c -lf2c -lm
 ( wich didn't work  at all even to generate the actvte.x, looks like I don
 have f2c installed )
 How can I fiz this problem?
 Thank you for the patience