Computer methods in chemistry

Hi Omar,

There is an instructors book that integrates computational methods into Organic, Inorganic, Physical and General chemistry and it comes complete with protocols, student pre-lab and post-lab exercises, and instructor's notes. "Teaching with CAChe" is written by James Currie and Crispin Wong of Pacific University and the PDF version is available for free download from . Educators can request a hard copy for review from kbriggs(-(at)-)

David Gallagher, Fujitsu.

At 07:49 PM 11/19/2002 -0800, omar Deeb wrote:

Dear ccl users,

We are interested in giving our undergraduate students a new course titled "computer methods in chemistry" or "chemistry and computer". In this course , we want the students to use the computer in all the fields of chemistry.

It is not exactly a computational chemistry or molecular modeling course rather than using computers in chemistry and the molecular moldeling will be one of the experiments .

The course will be one lecture a week plus one lab. (3 credit hours)

Any suggestions.

Thanks in advance

Dr. Omar Deeb

Alquds University

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