03.02.25-28 Daylight MUG '03 Registration (fwd)

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 Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 11:47:10 -0700 (MST)
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 Subject: Daylight MUG '03 Registration
 Daylight Users:
 The Eldorado Hotel, site of MUG '03, has graciously extended the DEADLINE
 for room reservations at the MUG rate of $141 through this FRIDAY, JANUARY
 17.  After that, the price goes up.
 We have a great MUG brewing and we hope you will be able to join us.  Please
 register soon!
 See you there,
 The Daylight Krewe
               Daylight Chemical Information Systems Inc.
                     >>>>>>>>>  MUG 2003
                      Daylight User Group Meeting
                         February 25 - 28, 2003
                             Eldorado Hotel
                         Santa Fe, New Mexico
 Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc. is pleased to invite you and
 your colleagues to join us for our seventeenth annual user-group meeting,
 which will take place February 25-28, 2003 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
 Our three and a half-day format includes both presentations from Daylight
 staff and Daylight users. Users will present talks on the work they are
 doing utilizing Daylight software.  These presentations offer the
 opportunity to share and learn on a  peer-to-peer level with other Daylight
 users.  Daylight staff will present on new developments and directions for
 Daylight.  All individuals interested in Daylight, regardless of their level
 of experience or familiarity with our software, are invited to attend.
 All users are invited to present original work with Daylight software in a
 scheduled talk, a poster, and/or a software demonstration.  Please contact
 Jack Delany at jjdelany "at@at" daylight.com with your title and abstract to
 schedule your participation.
 MUG 2003 will be held at the Eldorado Hotel, 309 W. San Francisco St., Santa
 Fe, NM 87501 (http://www.eldoradohotel.com/).  Please call the Eldorado
 directly at 1-800-955-4455 for room reservations. Ask for the Daylight MUG
 Meeting special rate of $141 (single or double) which will be available
 until January 9, 2003.
 Each year we have a banquet on Wednesday evening.  This year it will be held
 at The Bishop's Lodge (http://www.bishopslodge.com).  Preceding the banquet
 we will host a one-hour horseback excursion through the hills surrounding
 Bishop's Lodge.  Those able to join us will be charged an additional $45 by
 Bishop's Lodge for the ride.  You will be riding at your own risk; neither
 Daylight nor the Bishops Lodge assume any liability. Remember to pack some
 warm clothes.
 Santa Fe is a 1 hour drive from the Albuquerque airport (ABQ).  The Santa Fe
 airport (SAF) is restricted to commuter flights, accessible only from Denver
 and a few other cities.
 Airport shuttle reservations from Albuquerque can be made in advance with
 Sandia Shuttle (http://www.sandiashuttle.com) at 1-888-775-5696.
 Registration fee is $390 for all four days.  Prices include breakfast and
 lunch each day and the banquet Wednesday evening.
 Please pre-register on-line via the Daylight meetings page at
 http://www.daylight.com/meetings/mug03/.  (You will still
 need to send your
 fee to be officially registered). Alternatively, you may complete and e-mail
 the form below to info "at@at" daylight.com.  We accept payments by check, VISA,
 or American Express. Mail registration and fees to:
         Daylight CIS Inc.
         27401 Los Altos, Suite 360
         Mission Viejo, CA  92691
 or fax to 1-949-367-0990
 For further information, please e-mail info "at@at" daylight.com, or call the
 Corporate Office at 949-367-9990 or Peter Nielsen, Director of Marketing and
 Business Development at 802-223-9831.
 See you at MUG 2003!!!
 - The Daylight Krewe
 Daylight MUG 2003 Registration Form
         Name ___________________________________________________
 Organization ___________________________________________________
        Email ___________________________________________________
      Address ___________________________________________________
        Phone ___________________________________________________
          FAX ___________________________________________________
    ___ Check   ___ VISA   ___ MasterCard   ___ American Express
    Credit Card Number:  ___________________________________________
    Expiration Date:   _______________________
 Your affiliation:
    ___ Corporate   ___ Academic   ___ Government   ___ Nonprofit
 Your department:
    ___ Scientific R&D   ___ Corporate IT   ___ Business Dev.   ___ Other
 Daylight Software Used:
 What do you hope to gain from this meeting?
 Would you like to give a talk?  ___ Yes     ___ No
                     or poster?  ___ Yes     ___ No
    If yes, please give a title:
    and abstract:
 Planned days of attendance (check all days that you will attend):
    ___ Tue 25 FEB   ___ Wed 26 FEB   ___ Thu 27 FEB   ___ Fri 28 FEB
 Any dietary restrictions?
   ___ Vegetarian  ___ Other (please tell us)
 Horseback Ride
    ___ Yippy! Count me in.    ___ No thanks, I'll sit by the fireplace.
 Send this completed form with payment to:
         Daylight CIS Inc.
         27401 Los Altos Ave., Suite 360
         Mission Viejo, CA 92691
 or fax to 1-949-367-0990