Georgia Tech Summer Theory Program 2003

 Georgia Tech will host its third annual Summer Theory Program as part of
 its National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates
 program in chemistry and biochemistry.  During the ten week REU program,
 students will conduct research in the groups of Georgia Tech Chemistry
 faculty. The program is open to students who will be in their junior or
 senior years during the 2003-2004 academic year. Successful applicants
 will receive a stipend of $3500, a travel allowance, on-campus dormitory
 housing, and health insurance coverage.  More information on the Georgia
 Tech REU program may be found at
 students who are interested in theoretical chemistry will take part in the
 Summer Theory Program, which supplements the research experience with a a
 series of introductory lectures in theoretical chemistry at the
 undergraduate level. Summer research projects in the areas of dynamics and
 electronic structure theory are available in the groups of Professors
 Rigoberto Hernandez and David Sherrill. Students will have access to a
 72-processor IBM SP2 parallel supercomputer in the Center for
 Computational Molecular Science & Technology for their computations.
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