Delphi Calculation of interaction energies

Hi everybody,
Currently I'm solving the problem of calculation of the electrostatic
interaction energies between two distant charged residues in the protein.
I had found the theoretical possibility of such calculation including the
solvent effect using the PB equation in the Delphi package as is shown in
the its examples of Subtilisin (example from version 3.0).
I have crucial question concerning this proposed methodology:
I would like to calculate the electrostatic interaction between all charged
residues and halide ion, which is noncovalently bound in the active site
of the haloalkane dehalogenase protein. Halide is hetero-atom in this case
being an intermediate of the enzymatic reaction. I'm trying to find its
stabilization by charged protein residues...
Is it possible to perform such calculations with heteroatom using current
Delphi 4.0 package? I would like to include into the active also two
experimentally known catalytic waters (essential for hydrolysis), affecting
the electrostatics of the enzyme active it possible to include them too?
Does anyone have any more experiences in calculation of such electrostatic
interactions using using Delphi?  If anyone will be interested in this general
question I can write him more details concerning this study.
Any comments and ideas or help will be greatly acknowledged ;-)
Best regards,
   Michal Boháč, MSc.
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   National Centre for Biomolecular Research
   Faculty of Science, Masaryk University
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