Re: CCL:Fwd: PDB viewing and Mac OSX

On Tuesday 13 May 2003 16:59, Philip Bays wrote:
 > > Does any one know of a plugin that can be used with a browser under
 > > Mac OSX that will allow one to view 3-D chemical structures.?   I am
 > > thinking of a Chime-like plug-in, but MDL has no plans for OSX or
 > > Linux.  I am familiar with iMol but have been unable to install it as
 > > a helper ap.
 Have a look at Jmol:
 It's applet does most browsers/platforms, including MacOSX.
 The soon-to-be-released version 6 has interesting scripting facilities which
 allows HTML pages to interact with the applet.
 kind regards,
 Egon Willighagen