Molecular Orbital, QM and beyond (only to those interested)

Since it's in the weekend time for most people around the world,
 just add a few spices into this "barbecue", without any attempt
 to challenge anyone else's opinions, and hope everyone who has
 no any interest in the subject would not have wasted time in
 reading my emails.
 (1)The foundation of modern science is mostly composed of the
 abilities of human being on imagination & creativity, mathematics
 & observations(physical experiments mainly beginning from Galilee).
 Imagination & creativity is the unique(?) property of human being;
 mathematics & observation are the tools for our brain and hands to
 explore the landscape of the physical world.
 Any comments on scientifical topics should consider this first.
 The above sentense also fits the discussion of "molecular orbital".
 As claimed for many times in this list by many people, molecular
 orbital or wave function in any sense is not observation, but
 a mathematical tool. A Simple "veto" to anyone who is still
 that is: there are real numbers/functions(0,1,-1, pai,e,...) and the
 complex numbers/functions(i, cos(theta)+i*sin(theta),...) and i is
 the simplest complex number/function, purely imaginative, so it's not in the
 scope of an observation, but can be only "observated" in the brain of
 Molecular orbital or wave functions have lots to do with the "i",
 (2)The landscape of our knowledge in science is evolving in a speed
 beyond the imagination of many people.
 A simple example is that there was some report on the possibility that a male
 person may be able to give new birth without any information from a female
 person, but himself or another man. In some sense this would lead to
 challenge in various areas, including science, even the practice of such kind of
 thing will take a while to become feasible.
 Similarly for the laws on the motions of matter: QM is the current best
 description, and to my knowledge, it has no conflicts with all of the current
 experimental observations.
 If one day new experimental data might find the conflicts, it will be time
 for a broader theory than the current QM, and this has nothing to do
 with the truth that "i" is imaginative, not real.
 (3)Philosophy is good, and it is difficult. This may be beyond the ability
 or interest to most of the audience in this list, and may attach someone
 to the scope of religion. (For example, "belif" means
 Anyway, it's nice to see different views to one of the most useful concept
 in quantum chemistry, and it's at least good for me to practice English.
 Guosheng Wu
 (currently a contractor to a pharmaceutical company, to a foreign country
 and to life; all in the sense of time/dynamics; hopefully people in the
 pharmaceutical industry sooner or later will help change the dynamics of life
 significantly, then the contract can extend a little bit for everyone... )
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