Re: CCL:How to search

Dear Niharendu,
 You have a valid point. The CCL search engines (the Text and Regular
 Expression ones) are coming and going out of operation lately.
 There are reasons for it...
 1) I (the maintainer of CCL) am going to Europe for 5 weeks starting
    Jun 15. I will have occasional contact with the CCL.NET computers
    over the modem and local European Internet Providers, but will not be
    able to do any extensive file transfers or editing. I will not be also
    able to "push the button".
 2) With the current level of crackers activity and spammers looking for
    exploits, I am quite worried to leave these options on. Bad guys can bring
    the machines down by submitting searches every second or so, and I need to
    write a lot of tricky code to prevent it. Moreover, I need to really
    audit the security of these scripts. For example, the longer regexp
    searches give you the option to return result via e-mail, so you do not
    have to wait for the browser to show you something... Now... THERE IS
    NO WAY to make sure that e-mail address entered is the legitimate one.
    You can enter george<<at>> and it will take it, and
    send the results there... Yes... I know... There are ways... There is
    subscriber list to check against... But it is work... work... work...
 3) Many exploits are possible with search engines, and I do not necessarily
    want to advertise them on the list.
 We will see what I can do before I leave, but the likely scenario is that
 I will disable these services for a while, until I am with "physical
 (oh well... could not help it... this is a kind of contact left at my age...)
 with computers, so I can fix stuff within hours...
 In any case... It is the warning that if something goes really bad when I am
 out, the CCL will need to wait till end of July before it is alive again.
 Jan Labanowski...
 CCL Maintainer...
 The guy who pushes this cart...
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 On Wed, 4 Jun 2003 Niharendu.Choudhury<<at>> wrote:
 > Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 16:45:55 -0500 (CDT)
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 > To: chemistry<<at>>
 > Subject: CCL:How to search
 > Hi CCL developer/users
 > How to search old (already posted) messages in the CCL net website for any
 specific topics?
 > Niharendu Choudhury
 > Dept. Chemistry
 > Univ. Houston
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