RE: vmd under windows

 I understand the problem with the Windows version. It's because certain,
 ah, old, programs still have problems understanding folder names containing
 spaces. You have probably installed VMD into "C:\Program Files\...."
 it cannot understand the space in "Program Files" and is looking for
 You should uninstall it, and reinstall it into a folder called
 or something like that.
 Hopefully that will help
 BTW, you can make even nicer pictures by rendering as a POV file. You need
 to download POVRAY from the web. I have made some very nice pictures. :-)
 >-- Original Message --
 >From: "weiz" <>
 >Subject: CCL:vmd under windows
 >Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 21:29:02 -0400
 >Dear Sir:
 >I want to use vmd to make some pictures for my paper, but I only have
 >linux and windows system.when I used vmd under linux and render the
 >picture into ps format, it lost most of the fanzy effect, the picture
 >looks ugly. when I switch to windows machine and render the picture to
 >"snapshot", it looks very good. however, some other problems come,
 >actually have a trajectory saved in xyz format, in linux, vmd can read
 >of them and show the movie, but under windows it can not even read one
 >snapshot, the error message is
 >Invalid switch - "tmp".
 >'C:\Program' is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable
 >program or batch file.
 >ERROR> Could not read file ......
 >can you give me some hint about this?