CCL: Freq calculation, software limitation?

Dear CCLers,
 I am carrying out a frequency calculation on a large molecule, 150 atoms
 using G98w, and HF/3-21g* method and level respectively.
 It is writing out the AO integrals to the *.rwf files which I have set up.
 Altogether I have set up 7 rwf files each of 36MW in size. The calculation
 runs out of stipulated *.rwf file space. Which means that my calculation is
 trying to generate more than  12.9 GB of data. I have stipulated an 8th. rwf
 file which it has not used so I am assuming that the limit of rwf files one
 can use in the route statement is 7. Have I really reached the limit of G98w
 capabilities or is there a way round this?
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