Jmol v7 release

 Dear all,
 with some delay (due to a rather interesting drug design course last week),
 I am proud to announce the release v7 of Jmol.
 Changes since v6
 A much faster implementation of the rebonding algorithm is now used. VASP and
 Gaussian 03 readers were added. Reading of Jaguar 4.2.77, ABINIT, and AcesII
 files was fixed.
 Many thanx to the users and the developers for noticing and fixing these
 About Jmol
 Jmol is a Java molecular viewer for three-dimensional chemical structures,
 both molecular and condensed. Features include reading a variety of file
 types and output from quantum chemistry programs. Multi-frame files can be
 animated and normal modes displayed as calculated with quantum programs.
 Jmol supports Chime and Rasmol scripts, and the applet can be addressed
 with JavaScript. The application runs on J2SE 1.4 systems, but the applet runs
 even on old Java 1.1 systems, such as the Netscape 4.5/4.7 browsers.
 More information about the project can be found at the website, which features
 examples of the applet and a few screenshots of the application:
 Jmol is OpenSource and licensed with the GNU LGPL license.
 The Future
 Work is undergoing to hava Jmol support more file types, including output of
 programs which is divided over several files. In addition, a true from-scratch
 3D engine is being written that will allow for even more astoundishing
 graphics including molecular surfaces.
 kind regards,
 Egon Willighagen