still question about BABEL

Dear all,
 Thank you for all the kind help. now, I have done it again from the very
 beginning, problem still exist
 1)I downloaded from
 2)I unziped it, and copied the BABEL.EXE, ELEMENT.LIS, TYPE.LIS to C:\BABEL
 3)I add SET BABEL_DIR=C:\BABEL to the AUTOEXEC.BAT which is in C:\Documents
 and Settings\ezw079.MATDOM\My Documents\My Received
 4)I copy the 1N5U.pdb in to C:\BABEL
 5)I entered the C:\BABEL under dos
 typed babel -ip 1N5U.pdb -ocache output.csf
 nothing happened, no error, no waring, no output.
 and I tried Open BABEL, but seems it is under Unix not DOS or Win
 Thank you in advance for your help!
 Ru-Zhen Li
 +44 020 7882 6327
 Materials Department
 Queen Mary College
 University of London
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