Re: CCL:question about BABEL

Hi all
 Shouldn't the autoexec.bat file be in the root directory of the c:\
 drive?  Mine is.
 Ru-Zhen Li wrote:
 >                                [Image]
 > Dear all Thank you for all the kind people reply to me, and now, I
 > have done it again from the very beginning, the problem still
 > exist. 1)I downloaded the from
 > 2)I unziped it
 > and copied the BABEL.EXEL,  ELEMENT.LIS, TYPES.LIS to C:\BABEL 3)I add
 > the SET BABEL_DIR=C:\BABEL to the AUTEXEC.BAT file which is in
 > C:\Documents and Settings\ezw079.MATDOM\My Documents\My Received
 > copied the 1N5U.pdb into C:\BABEL 5)and then I entered the C:\BABEL
 > under dos typed babel -ip 1N5U.pdb -ocache output.csf nothing
 > happened, no error, no warning, no output file. and I tried the Open
 > Babel, but seems that it is under UNIX, not DOS or Windows Thank you
 > in
 > advance! regards,Ru-Zhen
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 Richard L. Wood, Ph. D.
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