Re[2]: CCL:Spin-Spin Coupling Constants

Hello Jeremy,
 Monday, August 25, 2003, 2:37:11 PM, you wrote:
 >>         Dear CCL's
 >> Thank's every one who helped me with NICS question, but another one
 >> question about NMR calculations occured.
 >> Recenly Cremer have proposed a scheme which can be used for
 calculations of Spin-Spin
 >> Coupling Constants  and I heared that it's a good approach in the case
 >> of simple organic molecules within DFT calculations.
 >> Unfortunately my background is not sufficient to find out how to carry
 >> out this within Gaussian.
 JRG> It's built-in if you have g03.
 JRG> nmr=spinspin
 JRG> J.
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 No I don't have G03 program package. As I suppose Cremer used G98
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