CCL: Mol2Mol 5.1.1

Dear CCL Members,
     The new 5.1.1 version of the molecule file conversion,
 manipulation and utility program Mol2Mol is now available
 > from as trial or
 shareware version.
     The current version of Mol2Mol recognizes, and interconverts
 more than 40 different file formats (including subtypes).
  It can slice multiple structural files to single ones (such
 as PDB models or MDL SD files to single ones) and vice versa
 in several variations. Support for PDB Chime subformat
 (with 1-2-3 bonds).
 New in Mol2Mol 5.1:
 New file type:
  Maestro file type added (read/write, compressed/uncompressed,
 Support of MacroModel atomtypes extended according to version 8.1
  Option to display hetero atom and hydrogen atom symbols
  in vector models.
  Option added for chosing the anaglyph stereo colors: red/green or
 Several improvements concerning 2D molfiles (ISIS/Draw mol, sdf,
  rxn, rdf, ChemDraw ct, WinPLT):
  Implicit hydrogens are added and optionally shown.
  In the case of 2D molfiles stereobonds are now displayed.
  Atom aliases from ISIS/Draw files and ChemDraw ct files are
  displayed and are mutually converted.
  When converting to WinPLT files, implicit hydrogen support has
  been enhanced, conversion of atom aliases is also supported.
 and several bug fixes.
    Mol2Mol is a very handy set of tools for everybody dealing with
 molecular modelling.
    It is impossible to write here all of the features of Mol2Mol,
 but have a look at its home page:
 POV-Ray fans may also have a look at:
 The program is available as 30 days unrestricted trial version or
 as shareware version.
 Dr. Tamas E. Gunda