Re: CCL:Linux Cluster

 Kenneth Geisshirt wrote:
 Gregory Shamov wrote:
 KG> A number of companies build clusters (e.g., the one I work for),
 KG> and you can buy cluster distributions like MandrakeSoft's
 KG> Clustering product. Finally, you can build a cluster by hand (ok
 KG> if the number of nodes is less than 6).
 And what happens if the number of nodes becomes 7 ? Or even 8 ?
My point is that building a cluster by hand does not scale well. If you plan a large cluster (32+ nodes) you will need some kind of automated tool. If you build a 4-node cluster and add a new node (different hardware e.g., an old office pc) you can do it by hand.
 Im my experience, if you keep the hardware relatively homogeneous
 (i.e. at least 16 nodes at a time are identical, and no more than say
 2-3 different types of nodes) any number of nodes is as much work as
 only one. It isn't too difficult to set up a system with net-boot
 and harddisk images that installs new nodes automatically, and re-
 installs nodes in case of crashes or other problems. I've done this
 now for two different 'off-the-shelf' clusters and after initial
 tweaking of setups (mostly related to network-card and boot-rom
 specifics) everything is rock-stable and nearly self maintaining...
 I've never done anything similar with e.g. 'old' office PC's (i.e.
 in-homogeneous hardware), but it probably is more work than it is
 worth relative to the average low speed of the 'old' CPU's.
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