Re: CCL:Linux Cluster

 	We just bought our cluster from a vendor (Western Scientific).
 I would recommend going to a vendor if you can afford it, mostly
 to guarantee there won't be any hardware incompatibilities that
 are sometimes hard to work out until you start setting everything up.
 Hardware Linux vendors will  also quite possibly be more  up to date
 on what the best configurations/tools might be.
 Price it  out and take a look at the relative costs of going the "do it
 yourself" route and from a vendor. (In our case, our prices were pretty
 competitive w/ buying cheap 1U dual xeon blades from bulk hardware
 companies  like and the support is absolutely brilliant).
 If it looks like it is much cheaper going the do it yourself route,
 take a look at the following:
 Oscar will automate installation over a network and make it reasonably
 straightforward to install over an arbitrary number of nodes, setup a
 reasonable queueing system,  install mpi(ch), take care of user accounts
 and maintain patches/updates. The documentation  provides some good advice
 on "reasonable" configurations as well.
 Read over the "quick  install" to get a sense of  the work involved
 setting up a cluster on your own. Its quite impressive how straightforward
 this stuff has become. There is no 6 node limit :)
 	best regards,
 Asst. Prof. Avijit Ghosh, Ph.D.
 Dept of Physics
 Drexel University
 Philadelphia, PA 19104