Academic question of software

 I send a mail to jkl/at/ (Jan K. Labanowski) making a question, then he
 focused us to another email. The things are
          I saw the internet page CCL.NET because I was interested in the
 > conformational analysis in solution of molecules with biological activity.
 > Then in order to use proton-proton coupling constants (PPCC) mediated
 > equation I need a program that make the estimation of dihedral angles (DA)
 > from  PPCC and PPCC from DA. A lot of Karplus equations have been
 > but I don4t have knowledge if there is a program able for this purpose.
 >    Please, if you know any program that make these functions let me to
 > and How can I adquire that.
 > With best regards,
 Alejandro Guillen Torres
 > Chemistry Institute, Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico
 > Mexico D.F.
 email  blackagt \\at// correo,unam,mx
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