Re: Textbook of Fortan 95!

   Dear all,
   I want to find a textbook for Fortran 95 (if there is PPT edition, it is
 much better).  This course is for the science and engineering students with
 a goal of numerical calculation.
    I have this Fortran text
 Fortran 90/95 for Scientists and Engineers (1st edition 1998)
 by Stephen J. Chapman
   It is 874 pages long but much of the text is taken up by
 program listings and I didn't find it particularly wordy. There is one
 chapter on numerical methods which covers basics such as least-square fits
 and numerical integration. I found the book generally easy to follow.
 I don't remember how much I paid for it. But it is not a hard-cover text so
 I presume it is not outrageously pricey . Another text I used
 as a supplement is
 FORTRAN 90/95 explained (2nd edition 1999)
 Michael Metcalf and John Reid
 Oxford university press
   This is a short ppt and should be relatively cheap.
 This book is mainly a delineation of the standard elements of
 Fortran 90/95 not a classroom text. As such it is more useful for
 instructors than students.
 Wai-To Chan