CCL: transition dipole moment

Dear all,
I have performed the calculation to obtain a value of transition dipole moment
(mu(A), mu(B), mu(C)) using G03 program. The method and basis set which
I have used are CIS/6-31G**. A part of result(*.log) is as follow:

Ground to excited state Transition electric dipole moments (Au):
       state          X             Y             Z             Osc.
         1         0.0774     -0.7148     -0.1449      0.0758

I think, this result shows the coordinate and strength of transition dipole moment.
However, I want to know more specific data like a strength of mu of each axis-A, B, and C.
Does anybody knows the solution about this problem,
especially when performing calculation using G03?
It will be a good answer if you know the program or tools which can solve these problems.
What is unit which "Osc." term in upper result reveal?
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